National Poetry Month 2017 | GloPoWriMo


April is National Poetry Month (in case you were unaware!), although this is in the USA, so my posts will be headed “GloPoWriMo” (Global Poetry Writing Month). In 2017, I’ll be writing (at least) one poem a day. As I’m writing this, it’s 0034 on the morning of April 1st 2017. I am not sure as to whether I’ll be sharing my poems – all of them, just favourites, or none at all. I think I might do some favourites as YouTube videos, but we’ll see.

Although I have my own prompts, I’ll also be using, occasionally, the website’s prompts. They’re put up every day at midnight DC time, though, which is about 5am for me, so if I don’t have time/am not able to check the prompts each day then I will just be using my own!

Anyway. If I publish any of the poems (it’s now 0040 on April 1st, but I still haven’t decided), they shall be linked as so: <poem> taking you to the page. If I do a YouTube poem, it’ll be the same thing. Basically, you’ll get it.

The ‘early bird’ prompt on the NaPoWriMo website was haibun. This isn’t a style of poem I have heard of before, but I am really excited to try it out!

  1. Joker <poem>
  2. Petal
  3. Write a poem about the things that cause you anxiety.
  4. Write a poem about an object on your bookshelf. <poem>
  5. Go to page 124 in the dictionary, and check for the 7th (or last) entry. Write a poem that includes that word.
  6. (source) Write a poem in which you contrast two words meaning the same thing (eg woodlouse and earwig).
  7. Theorizing. <poem>
  8. Write a poem about an illness. Don’t mention the illness. (Can be mental, physical, in a human or animal.)
  9. Put on a song you have either never heard of before or heard rarely. Be inspired and simply write.
  10. Write positively about the least favourite part of your body. If you can, don’t mention the body part.
  11. Describe the scene of out of the nearest window to you.
  12. Write about a book you wished you had right now.
  13. Who is your most precious stuffed animal?
  14. Write down 5 of your least favourite words. Use them in your poem.
  15. Write a poem about self care.
  16. Clocks.
  17. Find a photo; write what’s not in the picture.
  18. Review a book in a poem. Incorporate the title subtly into the poem.
  19. Write a piece of “tumblr poetry” on something seemingly insignificant (eg a leaf blown over the driveway…).
  20. Paintings are sometimes painted over. What was the painting underneath the new one?
  21. Write a poem that includes the words: headphones, novel, lips.
  22. Hiking.
  23. What happens to the extra hour when the clocks go back/forward?
  24. Scroll to the 10th image in your Instagram feed (or on Pinterest or another imaging app). Write about the image – or the person who took it.
  25. Write about your bed.
  26. Autobiography.
  27. If you could say anything to your best/a close friend… what would it be?
  28. Smile.
  29. Write about a dream – it could be yours, another human’s, an animal’s, or an alien’s. Or even an inanimate object’s!
  30. Write a poem about a poem you wrote this April!

You made it. Congrats. ❤

Feel free to share a link to your blog/specific posts, or just hyperlink me in the posts! I would love to read your poems. ❤

This page will be continually updated until April 30th/May 1st 2017. Last update: 21:47, April 7th 2017.

Extra resources/fun stuff to do – both for me and you!: