23 Day Writing Challenge!

This is a writing challenge I made up, with lots of help from thinkwritten, and it was 23 days because it had to finish on a certain day…! (Also, it’s two days over the “if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit” thing. To be honest, I don’t even know if that’s true…) Anyway, use to your own will! 🙂

PS: You can read mine here!

  1. A twinkling eye can mean many things.
  2. You’re sailing across the Atlantic, when your crew don’t want to go over the Bermuda Triangle.
  3. Write about the stargazing.
  4. Someone’s dancing. Who? Why?
  5. Someone meets a dragon for the first time.
  6. Open up a dictionary to a random word, and write about it.
  7. Write about not being able to see ahead of you.
  8. A character doesn’t want to do something. What is it? What happens?
  9. Put yourself into the shoes of someone’s shadow for the day.
  10. Write about building a fire.
  11. The phrase “take the bull by the horns” is thrown about a lot nowadays. What does it mean in your character’s situation?
  12. Write about making mistakes.
  13. Go to Wikipedia a click on “Random Article”. Write about whatever the article is.
  14. Write a short piece of fanfiction!
  15. Choose a famous painting, or one you like, and write about it.
  16. Write a poem or story about the last person you talked to. (Bonus: send it to them and see if they recognise themselves!)
  17. Using the “shuffle” feature on however you listen to music, write about the first song that comes up.
  18. Imagine you/your character can use magic! What type of power would you/your character have?
  19. Make a list of five random adjectives that you think of. Incorporate them into your story.
  20. Your character meets their soul mate! What happens?
  21. Write about a character who can’t get to sleep.
  22. Find a photo of a pretty building and use it to inspire you.
  23. Your character really, really loves something. What/who is it?

23 day writing challenge photo