Thanks to NaNoWriMo for the image!

I like to write. You may have been able to tell from the fact I have a blog, but I also like to write fictionally. Which is where this page – and the following pages – come/s into play.

On the sub-pages leading on from this one (you can find them by hovering over the “writing” button at the top, or clicking if you’re on a mobile device) I’m going to give some summaries of works I’ve done that I’m proud of. In my time, I’ve written and published a lot of short stories on the interweb, and even a novella (which has since been taken down. It was completely unedited and publishing it was more for my friend to read it). Some of them I liked, some needed more touching up.

Nowadays, though, I want to write longer works. Since I discovered NaNoWriMo, I’ve tried to compete in every one, so there are a few works round about there, too, and I’m planning on doing 2015, so watch this space (and stay updated!)!

Most of my novels aren’t completed yet. In fact, none of them are. But watch this space, and soon I’ll be changing that sentence… However, some novellas, short stories and film scripts are, so feel free to find out all about them and tell me what you think!

I’m going to keep writing for a long time yet (hopefully!) so I’ll probably be adding to these pages quite a lot, so feel free to keep checking back to see what’s going on. Thanks for stopping by!


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