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“The Black Witch” and Nopeness

TW: racism, homophobia, abuse, assault, misogyny, ableism, Holocaust imagery & Nazism, childhood marriage.  Okay let’s talk about the shitpile that is “The Black Witch”, a new debut YA fantasy book set to release in May 2017. Shauna from @b00kstorebabe on Twitter has compiled a nearly 9k word review/read through of this book – so much… Continue reading “The Black Witch” and Nopeness

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Malteser Cupcake Recipe! #bakeamillion

If you didn’t know, Comic Relief is coming up in the UK (24th March!) and as always, there are bake sales and people doing plenty of weird things across the UK. Maltesers’ campaign this year is #bakeamillion – basically, for everything you bake with their products and post on social media with the hashtag, they… Continue reading Malteser Cupcake Recipe! #bakeamillion

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Trigger Warnings in Literature (and what I think about them)

Recently, a rather well-known author has come under fire for saying that she doesn’t want trigger warnings (which may give away spoilers) on her books. She says she prefers her readers to go in blind, offers a blanket “don’t read my books if you think you’ll be affected by sensitive material” comment and says go and read… Continue reading Trigger Warnings in Literature (and what I think about them)