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My Day In Drinks | 26/05/17

Not only do we humans need to drink to survive, but we drink socially and for the pleasure of it. I’ve been very conscious lately about what I’ve been drinking, so I thought today it’d be interesting to catalogue what I’ve been drinking, when, and the atmosphere surrounding me as I did show. Shout out… Continue reading My Day In Drinks | 26/05/17

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March Reading Wrap-Up & Haul | 2017

So March is already over…?!?! What? A fair bit happened in March, like coming home from university, and I also blogged, like, a lot. I also published 17 posts (!) and I had a whopping 695 views from 221 visitors! Wow! Thank you guys so much for looking at my little old blog. ❤ Onto the wrap up. According… Continue reading March Reading Wrap-Up & Haul | 2017

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Experimenting in New Makeup and Hair Styles

I am an experimenter. I would imagine (okay, perhaps if pressed for every adjective) that people might describe me with that, basically because it’s true. This time around: an experiment in makeup and hair styles! Why? Because I have a lot of capability with what I can do with my hair, and I have makeup… Continue reading Experimenting in New Makeup and Hair Styles

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Malteser Cupcake Recipe! #bakeamillion

If you didn’t know, Comic Relief is coming up in the UK (24th March!) and as always, there are bake sales and people doing plenty of weird things across the UK. Maltesers’ campaign this year is #bakeamillion – basically, for everything you bake with their products and post on social media with the hashtag, they… Continue reading Malteser Cupcake Recipe! #bakeamillion

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Starting on a Weightloss Journey | Goals, Journal, and Numbers

Hey everybody! Today I’m going to be blogging about something new: a weight-loss journey. I am not unhappy with my body by any means, but I’d like to be more comfortable in it. Although I have a weight-loss goal, losing fat and gaining muscle and tone are my biggest aims over all. I want to… Continue reading Starting on a Weightloss Journey | Goals, Journal, and Numbers

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Celebrating [Small] Personal Goals

Punch the air. Scream ‘WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ very loudly. Ignore anyone who looks at you strangely. Listening to some great music. PERSONAL DANCE PARTAYYYYY!  Sing! Stretch. Tell someone! Let them share in your happiness! SMILE. 🙂 Laugh. Be happy with yourself! You did something awesome! Why do I write this post? Well, I was updating my NaNoWriMo word… Continue reading Celebrating [Small] Personal Goals