2017 Reading Challenges!

Hello everyone! So in 2017, there’s a bunch of reading challenges I want to try, and I thought that I’d collate them in a page… mostly so I don’t forget them myself. 😛


This bingo is a Twitter tag that I want to participate in. It’s a challenge of 36, uh, challenges, to read more diversely. I really want to read more diversely in this year.

Anyway, that ^ is my TBR (and I hope that this stays live?), a little tentative at the moment but I hope I can read as much as I can!

#52wks52bks | 52 Weeks, 52 Books!

This is a challenge that takes 52 prompts and you match them up to different books to read for the challenge. This isn’t a challenge that I am actively following, but it is one that I will definitely look to if I’m in a reading slump, and I think that it is a really interesting way to do challenges.


This is a very well-known bookish challenge where you read (at least) 1 book per month that is currently published. For this challenge, I will be using books that I already own from January 1st 2017, but, then again, I’m not going to keep to this challenge with an iron claw.

Back to Classics Challenge!

I already want to be reading at least 1 classic per month, but I feel like this challenge will help me to read a wide variety! Here is my TBR for the Back to Classics challenge!

And those are my 2017 reading challenges! I’m really excited for this, and thank you guys for reading. What challenges are you doing in 2017? 🙂