I’m Hannah, I’m 17, I live in England, UK and I like to blog, as you can probably tell.

My likes include reading, writing, Doctor Who, Marvel films, Harry Potter, Frank Turner’sΒ music, hanging about with friends & my boyfriend and basically mucking about. Dislikes include vegetables (I’m a terrible vegetarian), too-crowded places, and bigoted people. So, yeah (I say that a lot).

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube most of the time.

My other blog is Sprinkled With Words, and I’m quite attached to be honest, but I felt like I needed one for me. Don’t call me selfish, call me… creative?

(I like my naked Ancient Greeks okay)

On this blog, I’ll be posting myself, life and my writing. This is kinda like an online portfolio in some ways. You’ll probably get used to hearing about my wonderful boyfriend, Jake, and how bad I am at keeping up with my blog.

I love to have a chat with people as well, so feel free to message me!

And if you go onto Sprinkled With Words, you’ll find that some of the pages have been copied and pasted to this one. Because I’m lazy. The British get very lazy in winter…

– Hannah πŸ™‚


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