christmas reminders

Here’s me right now: sat at my desk, with a cup of tea, an open Toblerone, listening to Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens. I feel so nostalgic and happy that I thought I would write about some of the things that remind me of this time.

Firstly, we have the food. The food. Think of the food. Christmas brings to mind white chocolate, those weird boxes of chocolate bars, Toblerone. It brings to mind Christmas pudding (of course), cookies, biscuits. It also makes me think of dates, and the smell of oranges at Christmas time is the best.

We have the music. Of course. I think that this one is pretty self explanatory – nothing quite gets me in the Christmas mode like Merry Christmas Everyone.

The books: Harry Potter is the biggest book that reminds me of Christmas. Who hasn’t wanted to spend Christmas at Hogwarts at least once in their life?

However, one thing that always makes me think of Christmas is just the atmosphere. In the city earlier, there were an unbelievable amount of people, but I never saw an argument. Out of everyone there, people were just laughing and shopping. Even the kid who was incredible annoying in front of me in the queue was still making me – and others – smile ruefully, despite his rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas about 5 times through.

The people who smile at you when you walk past them; the man on the bus who let someone go in front of him, and the way she said “thank you” in reply; the cashier who was eager to talk to me about my society’s Christmas party; the stranger in the street who caught a man falling; the dog trotting behind its favourite human without a lead.

I could go on and on. Christmas is not always an incredible time for everyone, but it is for me. It’s a time when things are beginning to wind down, it’s a time to be calm and enjoy life at the slow pace for a while, until New Year kicks in and everyone revvs up again. A time when I don’t feel guilty about curling up with a book, or snuggling on the sofa and watching a film with my mum. And also a time where I can listen to Christmas music completely guilt-free!

What’re some of your Christmas/holiday reminders?

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