Ten Things To Do This August

This August, I have a list of things that I want to do.

  1. Re-read Harry Potter.
    In a month September 1st will be here again, and I want to re-visit the world of Harry Potter! ’19 years later’ is also this year, so it feels very appropriate to be reading it.
  2. Have a movie marathon.
    This doesn’t have to be Harry Potter (although that would be awesome!) but I would love to marathon a series of movies like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, or even just Disney films!
  3. Stargaze.
    It’s been fairly rainy and overcast in the UK right now, but hopefully I’ll get one clear night where I can look out and study the stars. ❤
  4. Learn to do a head stand & hand stand.
    Believe it or not, I used to do gymnastics when I was younger so allegedly I would have been able to do these once upon a time! I would like to learn to do so again!
  5. Learn to hula hoop!
    Learning to hula-hoop is on a list of personal things that I want to do before I’m 20, but I may as well do it this summer!
  6. Read ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up’… and tidy up!
    Apparently this is a magical book that helps people to declutter instantly, so I bought it on that recommendation! I hope it helps.
  7. Finish my TEFL course.
    (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) This is a course which I am hoping to then use next year and travel and teach! I have a lot of online hours I need to do, as well as an online course.
  8. Go climbing.
    I used to climb every week at university, and I will be resuming that once I go back, but I haven’t climbed in nearly two months! So, I’m going to drag my brother to climb with me. 😛
  9. Visit a museum/art gallery.
    Ideally, this would be one that I haven’t visited before so I can experience something new. This is something that I would really love to do this summer.
  10. Finish my novel.
    This is a novel that began in November 2016 and has yet to be finished. I have about 10-20,000 words to write, so I’d best get writing soon! 😀

So there you have it – ten things that I want to do this August! What’s on your list?


4 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do This August

  1. I hope you accomplish everything that you set out to do this month! I also started a novel last November, and actually just finished my second draft last week. It still has more to go, but it’s a start. I followed you on Twitter and would love if you would check out my blog http://www.boundtowriting.com

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