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My Hopes For Number 13

Hello, hi. I have OCD. And the number 13 is one of my triggers.

So when Jodie Whittaker was announced as the 13th Doctor… well, my brain is on two sides. Is this going to go horribly wrong? Or is this a turning point?

Image of Jodie as the new Doctor
I pray that it is the latter. Here are my hopes for the upcoming years of Number 13.

I hope that she is feminist, a taking-no-bullshit kinda gal. I hope that she has a sonic screwdriver, her own sonic screwdriver, and dresses with pockets.

I hope that she has a companion. A male companion yes… and a female companion.

I hope that, if she has any romantic attractions, they don’t place the man, if it is a man, on a pedestal. The Doctor continually gets screwed over by his – their! – lovers. Our lady doesn’t need saving.

I hope that Halloween of 2018, and all of the conventions of the future, are filled with little girls who have finally found that they can go to a convention and say, “Well, girls are main characters too.” So often have women like me sat at the back and let the men talk, because they are the ones represented on the screen holding the prime position.

I hope that she is all that I can hope for – and then some.

I love Doctor Who. It is a thing that is very precious to me. And if the BBC messes this up, they’ll have a wrath coming down upon them.

Drawing of Jodie, saying,
If anyone knows this artist, pls let me know.

One thought on “My Hopes For Number 13

  1. I agree with every single thing and I hope for all that too. I was so excited when they revealed her as the 13th doctor. The possibilities of this! What this casting could mean! I really hope they do right by her and by the doctor 🙂

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