2017 · Life

Happy Birthday, Harry 

It’s hard to define what Harry Potter means to me. It’s something that feels like it’s been in my life for the entirety of my 19 years, but in fact it’s only been a portion of those. 

I read all the books and watched all 7 movies in the month before the 8th one was released in the cinemas. I became addicted quickly.

I started writing. 

Yes, here’s a stupid confession: I was a fan fiction writer. 

(#SorryNotSorry) I wrote hundreds of thousands of words of fan fictions, I made friends through the fics, and I became closer to a couple of friends in the real world at the same time. It was a world that I may be glad to have left behind, but it’s one I will never regret joining. 

If I hadn’t been introduced to Harry Potter, I can almost guarantee you that I wouldn’t be studying English Literature and Creative Writing at one of the best universities now. Harry Potter, the new-old children’s classic, is one of the main reasons why I am where I am today. 

I cannot and never will be able to say that if I had not started reading about a little boy wizard and fallen in love with him and his world I wouldn’t be a writer now – let alone a blogger, a poet, a scriptwriter, or even the person I am today – but I know that I owe a great deal to these novels; a debt I hope to pay by bringing my own books, novels, plays, movies, and scribbled notes on the back of receipts into the world. 

So happy birthday Harry Potter. 20 years has served you well. 


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