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My Day In Drinks | 26/05/17

Not only do we humans need to drink to survive, but we drink socially and for the pleasure of it. I’ve been very conscious lately about what I’ve been drinking, so I thought today it’d be interesting to catalogue what I’ve been drinking, when, and the atmosphere surrounding me as I did show. Shout out to Simple Things magazine for the inspiration.


I start off my day with a glass of water and a run. I can’t eat before running so I mostly just drink.


I am back from my run! Another glass of water it is.


Whilst it was made about 20 minutes ago, I enjoy a cup of coffee, despite it being over 20 degrees C. Cause, y’know. Coffee. 


Finishing lunch (scrambled eggs on toast) I have another glass of water, bringing my total to 3. 


Since my last drink, I’ve written over 1000 words and curled my hair. So now, I’ve had another glass of water, yay! 


Since my coffee, I have been very hyperactive, so I have now made two paper boats and am questioning if I drink too much in one day. Another glass of water it is! 


I make dinner and have yet another glass of water. I’ve been out for about an hour having a mini photoshoot with a friend! Pretty hungry. 

20:07 (ish)

I make chocolate shortbread and have another glass of water. I like my water. 


I take my tablets with some water and write this lying in bed. 

I’ve found it really interesting how much water I’ve drunk today, yet my tongue is still dry and my eyelids are still pale. Perhaps that’s just me that finds that interesting though! Overall, I consumed 1 cup of coffee and 7 1/2 cups of water – about 3 litres! 😀

And that’s my experiment of the day. 


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