Making Skirts! | DIY

So today I decided to make two skirts! I used two tutorials I found on YouTube and really enjoyed making them. I only sustained a few injuries too so that was a bonus! 😛

(If you’re curious about the injury, I’ll spare the details ’cause my own cut nearly made me faint/be sick, but it’s stopped bleeding now so I am ok! And as another bonus; I didn’t even get any blood on the fabric.)

Anyway, skirt number one was just a simple skirt that took an extra 30 minutes than it should’ve. It’s from a tutorial by Annika Victoria called ‘How to make a skirt in 30 minutes‘. I got a bit confused about the instructions so I cut off too much and had to reattach it. This is also when I sustained my “injury”!

See; it’s so thick it stands up on its own!

I used fabric which I got from Ikea; it’s ridiculously thick, so the skirt kind of poofs a bit. I might iron it into pleats or something like that but overall? I’m really happy with how it turned out! I think that one day I’ll have to go back and resew some of the seams because I got a bit frustrated and made them too big – aka they’ll fall apart. Because the fabric was so thick, it was really hard to sew. I don’t have a sewing machine so it was all by hand. Anyway. It’s a bit thick but there we go.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, and I’ll definitely by doing this pattern/tutorial/making this skirt again in the future… but perhaps with less thick fabric!

Fabric close up: it’s macaroons!

The second skirt I made was called a Square Skirt, and it’s also from a tutorial by Annika Victoria called ‘Making a square circle skirt?? | Make Thrift Buy #27‘. I LOVE this series by Annika Victoria, and I really loved this tutorial. I was going to try and make a circle skirt, but the fabric wasn’t long enough so I feel like this was a great alternative!

Only downside; it is quite short!

This skirt was so much easier than the other skirt, but mainly because the fabric was thinner and I didn’t cut where I wasn’t meant to! I hemmed the bottom and then hemmed the top. The idea was to make a waistband, but I didn’t have enough left over fabric so that’s why I hemmed the top. Although a waistband would’ve been really nice, it hasn’t really made it such a massive difference.

I added in a zip to this skirt, which was my first zip. I think it went really well, and I’m really proud with how this went. And also: shout out to my mum who did some back stitching and who took the piccas of me!

Overall, I’m really happy with the skirts I made today and I really love them both; I’m definitely going to make more in the future!


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