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Where’ve I Been? | Harry Potter & Go Ape!

Hello hello hello. I am so sorry I haven’t posted. I’d been doing really well in blogging often and then… poof. The week happened.

SO. This week my friend Sophie and I threw a Harry Potter party for my birthday! I have never had a Harry Potter party despite being obsessed for ~5 years, so this was such great fun.

We made wands for everyone and decided people’s “wand types”; made Sorting cupcakes where each colour bun corresponded to a Hogwarts house; I made a Marauder’s Map and brought my Golden Snitch; and my friend Jenny and I had a duel! (She won. Twice.)

And Sophie made me a GORGEOUS cake. 

Anyway. It was an AWESOME birthday party and Sophie, if you are reading this, THANK YOU. You are such a great friend and this party was so great. (If you are wondering, my birthday is May 3rd, but all of us are on the Easter holidays at the moment which is why we did it now!)


The day after my party I went out shopping with my very good friend Annie, who I hadn’t seen in about 8 months! We had such a great time messing about and walking the dog, and then in the evening we met up with pretty much everyone who came to my birthday party and went for a meal at a restaurant called Dim T who did the best puddings in the world. I’ve been thinking about that banana fritter since Thursday.

And then Friday was, of course, Good Friday and we had a Family Day Out to… Go Ape! I’m going to put on a very unattractive picture that nevertheless makes me giggle every time, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Go Ape was awesome. It was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be and I was a little nervous to start with; you are surprisingly high off the ground and it’s really difficult, at least to start with, to trust your harness and the fact you won’t fall (unless you have to do a Tarzan swing, in which case that is the intention). My brother basically has no fear though, and although I’m a little more cautious after the first zip line, neither did I. It was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to do it.

And that brings me up to today: Saturday. I’ve had a hectic week, but it’s been awesome, and hopefully normal blogging will resume sometime in the near future. 😛

I hope you’ve all had a good week too!


4 thoughts on “Where’ve I Been? | Harry Potter & Go Ape!

  1. Aww your friends were so sweet to do this for you!! And what a cool party 😃
    I love places like Go Ape!!! I’ve been to a few in Germany and definitely want to check out the one in Norwich soon 😊

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