Poem | The Ball (GloPoWriMo 2017)

Hello all! I, once again, am EXHAUSTED. I actually started writing a list of everything I have done today and I’m actually impressed about how much I’ve done.

glopo2017button1Anyway, including what I did today was write three poems. The other two I wrote I am also proud of, but I want to edit them a little and reread them and think about them before I post them, so those will be up in the future but not right now.

Today’s poem is from NaPoWriMo’s prompt which is repetition (my own prompt was used in another poem!). I was watching the tennis when this was on, which might explain the theme… 😛

The Ball

The ball
thrown in the air-
the ball
reaching it’s height-
the ball
beginning to fall–
My arm
raising itself with-
my racket
slicing through the air-
my body
strong and twisting–
The ball-


The game begins.

love tennis, it’s actually a sport I’ve kept up with but I haven’t played in months sadly. I’m hoping to over the summer!

And that is todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀

Until the next time bloglings x


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