Poem | The Grecian Vase (GloPoWriMo 2017)

glopo2017button1Hello! It is April 4th, aka day FOUR of National Poetry Month & GloPoWriMo!

I’ve been writing at least one poem every day (although generally it’s been 2-3!) and I’m sharing some of them on my blog. I am actually quite happy with day’s 2 and 3’s poems, but they need some editing before they can be shared!

Today’s prompt from me was write about an object on your book shelf, and from the website it was write a poem with a secret – aka there is a ‘secret’ or something embedded in the poem that isn’t known. I think my secret is pretty well hidden in this poem… although I will be revealing it at the end of the post!

The Grecian Vase

The decoration is exquisite.
The painted Grecian woman
looks towards to base
of the vase, her eyes downcast.
She wears a chiton
and her hair is
beneath a cap.

I chose her because she is beautiful.

The vase has volute handles
and a wide rim.
It could’ve been used for perfume
or perhaps presented as a gift.

It is one of my favourited pieces.

I am really interested to hear your thoughts! And now for the secret reveal…

The vase is actually miniature! Here it is, in comparison to my A5 journal!

Haha! I know, it’s not a very good secret, but I’ve never been very good at being subtle.

Until the next time!


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