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#OOTD | 03-04-17

Hello! I have never done one of these OOTD (Outfit Of The Day!) posts before, but I really liked what I was wearing today and it’s made me really happy – so, of course, I wanted to share it! I took all of the pictures on my own without a tripod, so sorry if they aren’t the best.

Perhaps I should have cleaned my mirror! Also ignore my weird squint.

What was I wearing?

Shoes: New Look & Sports Direct
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Top: TU @ Sainsbury’s

love TU, their clothes always fit me so nicely and I love this top! It’s really slimming, although water and basically anything shows up on the thin fabric on the lower half, which can be annoying!

Jeggings have basically been the only things I have been wearing recently, but the ones I had on today were actual skinny jeans. I usually struggle with skinny jeans because I find the material so tight, but these from Dorothy Perkins (I should probably say I’m not sponsored at all for this post!) are stretchy and therefore I looooooove them.

And my sandal shoes! They’re from New Look and have little wedge heels. I love them, although they do rub my big toes (but I think they’re just not broken in yet, although I have had them for a couple years!).

However later on, I had to walk the dog, and because the sandals were rubbing I chose to wear some flowery flats instead (I would’ve put on Converse, my go-to, but for some reason didn’t want to). These are from Sports Direct and are kinda old, but really easy to slip on and off.


So there you have it! Have another picture which does more justice to the top (and me smiling because HA! And also I liked my makeup today too):

I also got a new magazine today. It’s called ‘The Simple Things’ and seems very me, so I am excited to read it and learn more!


And that’s this post done! I hope you guys enjoyed it?? If you did, let me know in the comments below because I had fun taking the photos & writing this post, so I would love to do more in the future!


And have a cute doggy picture BECAUSE DOGS. (She was watching some pigeons fight on the roof, if you’re curious.)


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