Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Authors I Want to Meet

This week’s TTT (hosted by Broke and Bookish) is actually being posted on a Tuesday! (For once.) This week is top ten authors I want to meet (or a variation on that theme!). I actually have twelve authors here, one of whom I have already met, but authors are mystical creatures so of course I’m listing more than ten!

  1. JK Rowling
    I mean. Of course the wonderful JKR is #1 on my list. Was there ever a question?
  2. Rick Riordan
    Riordan is one of my all-time favourite authors and I would LOVE to meet him. He’s been so influential and his books mean so much to me.
  3. Cassandra Clare
    THE INFERNAL DEVICES is one of my favourite trilogies and Cassie writes fantastic books with great plots and characters. I’m sure she’s got a great personality too, so I would love to meet her!
  4. Enid Blyton
    Yes… I know that Blyton died many years ago, but if I could I would love to meet her. She lived in a fantastic place and wrote books which mean a lot to me!
  5. Robin Stevens
    Robin writes FANTASTIC books! I love what she writes so much and I actually bought #4 in her series today. We’ve chatted on Twitter & I would love to meet her in person some day. 😀
  6. Jane Austen
    It might have been the fact I went to Chawton and walked in her footsteps, but I would love to meet Jane Austen. She’s one of the most influential authors in history.
  7. Sara Barnard
    Sara Barnard has written two of my favourite books of the year! They’re so captivating and brilliant and yeah I would love to meet her.
  8. Heidi Heilig
    Heidi has such an imagination! Her books (well, I’ve only read book #1, but still), are written so well and I LOVE her characters and plot.
  9. Ian McEwan
    Ian writes weird books and they’re so strange. It’s the type of stuff I would write and people say, “No, stop, this is odd,” but he’s got this stuff PUBLISHED! Do you know how cool this is! I actually saw him speak at an event in Norwich last year which was AWESOME.
  10. Michael Morpurgo
    An author I have actually met! Morpurgo shaped my reading and, I guess, my writing. I would love to meet him again.
  11. Neil Gaiman
    I haven’t actually read much Neil Gaiman, but I have read GOOD OMENS which I LOVED. Neil is also such a personality and I am planning on getting to his books soon like THE GRAVEYARD BOOK. He seems to write “weird fiction” too (I am seeing a trend here), so sounds like someone I would love to have a coffee with.
  12. Terry Pratchett
    Pratchett is an author close to my heart for reasons in which I am not going to delve right now. Although he sadly passed away two years ago, if I could, I would jump at the chance to meet him.

So there you have my list! Are any of the authors I’ve written the same as yours?

Of course there are plenty of authors I have met and would love to meet, like Morgan Matson, Rupi Kaur, Amanda Lovelace, Sara Pascoe, Jennifer Donnelly, Matt Haig…

And: I am also taught by an author! It’s such a privilege to be taught by so many great authors. Currently I am being taught by Paul MM Cooper – and that link will take you to his book’s Amazon page.

Feel free to leave your TTT in the comments below! 🙂


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