Mini-Zine March | #3: These Are My Teeth


It’s Mini-Zine March, and here is Zine #3!

Mini-Zine March is a ~thing~ hosted by Sea Green Zines, who are zine reviewers. Whilst they’re reviewing mini-zines all March, I am making them!

This time around, my zine is called These Are my Teeth. The zine is about (you guessed it!) my teeth. I have a condition with them, which means they are rather yellow in colour and kind of fall apart a little; I’ve been insecure about them for as long as I can remember. However, in the past couple of years or so, I’ve really come to be more confident in simple things like smiling in front of other people, and I feel like this zine really encompasses that.

This zine started out being inspired by Dodie Clark’s song My Face. I wanted to write six poems (as mini-zines have 6 interior pages) about six different aspects of my face, but once I started writing about my teeth I realised I didn’t want to write about anything else… so there you go!

The zine is composed of six poems, and I was even brave enough (is brave the right word? Happy enough, maybe?) to put pictures of my teeth on the front cover! Basically, I’m so so happy with these, and one day I would love to print it onto A5 paper and have it as a little booklet too. It’s a zine that, surprisingly (for me,) means a lot to me, and I’m really happy with it.

Here’s the first poem:

just because my teeth are yellow

bbbbbbbbband chipped

doesn’t mean I can’t smile with an open mouth

and enjoy every damn minute of it.

So there we go. Zine #3 is under the belt and it’s possibly my favourite one so far (although I think that every time!).

The image quality keeps getting worse. *sigh*. My flip-through will be soon, though! ❤

And here’s Dodie’s video, again. She’s been such an inspiration to me lately, so I really want to share some of her work with you!


5 thoughts on “Mini-Zine March | #3: These Are My Teeth

  1. What a wonderful concept for a zine! I recently made a zine, and I was sooo shy about the topic, but it turned out other women loved it. Zines are a great way to continue building confidence, but you also never know whose confidence you could help build when they read your zine.


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