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Mini Zine March 2017 | #1: Pictures & Poems

Hello and welcome to Mini Zine March #1!


This is an event I got from Sea Green Zines and it’s really exciting! I’ve recently got really into zines (I’ll do more posts about it in the future <3) so this event feels ideal for me as I’ve been wanting to make loads more zines in my time.

Mini-Zines are eight-page zines made from one sheet of paper. You can find a link how to make one here on YouTube! It’s so quick and easy, so it’s definitely worth it because you can create something really awesome for relatively little effort.

Although Sea Green Zines is exclusively reviewing mini-zines for Mini-Zine March, I am going to be making them. Every week, I’m going to be making one new mini-zine and then showcasing it in a blog post at the end of the week! I’m really excited about this new project, so I’m also really excited to show it off! The zines are going to be about different topics and I haven’t planned them completely yet, so they’re a surprise to me, too.

I’m not going to show you everything in the zine just yet, though, bloglings. I have decided to do a “flip through” (look it up on YouTube if you want to know now what it is!) at the end of the month to showcase all of the zines in one video.

Zine #1: Pictures & Poems

Zine #1 is a little book of poems which I designed onto pictures. To make the whole thing took me a few hours: first I, of course, had to write the poems. One of these was from another project that I just used in this one, one was written at Bournemouth beach, and the rest were written in a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Norwich.

Making the graphics took the longest but was still really fun to do! I used Pixlr Editor, in case you were wondering. I’m so, so proud and happy with how they came out.

The whole thing contains six poems, as well as a cover and a back cover, which has a little bio about me and also my contact details (blogs, IGs and Twitter). Plus a cute little picture. I think I’m going to keep the back cover the same for all four zines, but I’m not sure yet. It depends on what the other three are!

I am ridiculously proud of this zine, I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at it! I really hope the others turn out this well too. However, it has got me thinking about what to do with them after. I would love to share them with other humans in the world, but I’m not sure whether anyone would be interested in buying them, and how costs etc. would work. Let me know, perhaps?

The cover photo you can see was taken by yours truly when I visited Cromer. I wanted to use this photo in the zine and I finally got the chance! All of the other photos, by the way, in this zine and any future ones that I didn’t take myself, I will have picked up through sites like Pixabay where they are free for commercial use with no attribution required.

Thank you guys for reading this post, and please let me know if you’d be interested in having your own copy of the zine/s eventually! I would really love to know. 😛 Roll on Zine #2…

Zine #2 | 2017
Zine #3 | 2017
Zine #4 | 2017 (hyperlinks will be added after the posts have been made!)


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