2017 · Adventures // Travel

Afternoon in Norwich – an awesome antiques sale 

My parents are in Norwich with me! That means: adventuring.

Today we went to a lot of new and different places, for me as well. First, we had lunch in Café Britannia, a cafe which is solely staffed by category D prisoners, who volunteer at the cafe. It was a beautiful looking place and served really nice food!

Of course dad got his arm in the way of the picture…!

After this we went on a general bumble about Norwich lanes and found this INCREDIBLE antiques fair, housed inside a church. Honestly guys, it was huge and awesome.

I mean, firstly they had a working typewriter (which I was tempted to buy then and there and may well go back for someday). They also had a collection of 1970/80s phones, gas lamps, a Golliwog (!!!), dresses, so much jewellery, huge boxes of postcards, Polaroid cameras, Nazi memorabilia (!!!) and a scary looking taxidermy fox.

It was so cool inside there. I’m definitely going to go back!

Still a church.
Notice the wall painting at the back! 
There was stuff EVERYWHERE, even in the crypt.

After one of the most delicious millionaire shortbreads I’ve ever had in Jarrold’s, we went to The Book Hive; I bought two zines because I’m a bad person with no self control. 😋

And then, well, my parents dropped me home (after we walked past the NUA). They’re heading off to their Valentine’s dinner tonight, so I’m at home. Whilst I’d like to spend time with them, it’s nice to be home because I am exhausted!

Also the sunset was beautiful and I love how the houses and lanes are so higgledy-piggledy. Happy Friday everyone.


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