2016: In Review

Weeeeeeeeeell. How do I even start this post?

Recently, life has been difficult, but the whole of 2016 wasn’t like that. I remember thinking in only October that although 2016 has been a ‘terrible year’ according to the media (and, let’s face it, most of Twitter), my year had actually been pretty incredible. I’d done a lot of great things with some great people, and everything seemed great!

I passed my driving test; I started vlogging on the YouTubes; I FINALLY finished To Warm Frozen Fingers; I finished my first novel!; I went to Greece with my college; I celebrated my 18th with a giant caterpillar cake; I went on holiday for 2 weeks in France with my family, and saw my American friends, and rode bikes around Ile de Re (AND SAW DONKEYS IN TROUSERS); I passed my A-Levels; I went on holiday for a week with my boyfriend; I went to university; I did my first open mic night; I saw Skinny Lister, Will Varley, and FRANK TURNER!; I finished NaNoWriMo; and I came home for Christmas.

The past couple months have honestly been awful, but 2017 is time to turn over a new leaf. I was discussing this with my dad earlier, actually: although there is essentially no difference between 2359 on 31/12/16 and 0001 on 01/01/17, the difference is psychological.

So whilst this end to 2016 isn’t what I want, it isn’t what I imagined and I’ve had a very unhappy two months, 2017 will be a fresh start with new opportunities, new writings and new fun to be had. (Or so they tell me.)

Happy New Year!



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