Weekend Away | Nottingham and Leicester | November 2016

So this weekend (from Friday – Sunday) I have been away! From Friday – midday Saturday I was in Nottingham and on Saturday I travelled to Leicester, and then back to Norwich on Sunday. Phew!

And throughout this whole thing (aside from the trains from N-N and L-N) I was with my lovely boyfriend, Jake. 15049982_1317128704978160_101924509_n

So the train to Nottingham wasn’t too bad (I got into a little trouble about reserved train seats, but it was fine!). We passed through Ely, and it was beautiful, definitely somewhere I want to visit someday.

15073407_922911187841805_6481483396177840787_nAt Nottingham, I met with Jake at the station (:D) and we headed to the hotel. That night, we went to see the wonderful Will Varley who was playing at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. (And we had Ask Italian (me = pizza, him = spaghetti) for dinner.) The gig was amazing – Will was very emotive after the election and there were a lot of mishaps and laughs throughout. I felt so lucky to be there! He always does very unique gigs. At the last one we went to, he even asked what songs we wanted to hear!

15032924_922911174508473_2867107577232679884_nThe next day we went to have breakfast in the hotel. Weird to be mentioning maybe, but I really love being able to wear socks and have breakfast in a public place. I feel like such a kid!

The train to Leicester went smoothly, and I actually really liked the city. I don’t know what I expected of De Montfort University either, but it was actually a lovely campus and I really enjoyed looking around! It was also an open day on the Saturday so it we could kind of fit in.

15057854_1317128688311495_1615398934_nWe went to a museum! Jake actually recommended a museum. He’s a good’un. Anyway, we went to Newarke House Museum, and it was really well put together. There was a mock-up of an older village (and the pub with an automatic voice scared the DAYLIGHTS out of me) which was really cool, as well as a trench. Jake was really lovely during this bit because I sometimes find these quite scary!

And for dinner we headed to Soar Point where I had a halloumi burger! I love halloumi. And the most amazing triple-chocolate-fudge cake for dessert. (Which we shared. It was HUGE, I couldn’t even finish my half!) I also met his new group of friends.

15049876_1318161711541526_1120195917_nSunday we went food shopping… yay for domestics. And then to Subway for lunch and then to Forbidden Planet where I got the cutest little Niffler Funko POP! from the new Fantastic Beasts series! SO. CUTE.

Sadly, I eventually had to go home. I won’t lie – it wasn’t easy saying goodbye! The train home was fairly quiet, I got my work done and ended up back at home after about 4 hours of travelling. (Yeah, it was kinda tiring.)

Overall, it was a lovely weekend and I can’t wait for about a month’s time when Jake is coming here to go and see the incredible Frank Turner!


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