2016 · NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo 2016 | Day 1


So firstly, I won’t be doing one of these every day, but this is a special day because NANOWRIMO HAS BEGUN!

It’s currently 2313 btw. I’ll be quick. I want bed.

I started writing… at 22:20 tonight. Aka twenty past ten. At night. WHY. WHY DID I DO THAT.

Basically, I’ll tell you why: I was really scared of starting my novel. I need to do some planning tomorrow before I carry on, just so I know where it’s going. (It’s all planned in my head, just not on the page, but that isn’t exactly helpful when I’m writing it and my head is a little bit blank and kind of in the zone where all I have is random words like “KALEIDOSCOPE” and “BUNNY”.)

However, I managed to reach 1763 words and as my NaNo count on my blog has informed me, that is 3% of the week! EEK!

I’m really looking forward to carrying on, though!

You can keep up with my exploits by adding me as a buddy (let me know your username below & I’ll add you back!) or following me on Twitter. I’ll also be posting a weekly wrap up every week on here!

Are you doing NaNo? What’re you writing about? Let me know in the comments below and happy writing whatever you’re doing! ❤


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