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CLASS Episode 2: Review & Discussion

class_2016_tv_seriesClass is a new BBC Doctor Who spin-off being shown on iPlayer. You can see my discussion for episode one here, and today I am going to talk about episode 2, The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo which is actually a pretty good name for the episode. There will be spoilers in this post!

Last episode, Ram’s girlfriend was brutally murdered. (I did say there would be spoilers.) I freaked out when that happened, and it was so tragic. Ram also lost his leg, and the Doctor (who made a cameo) gave him a new bionic leg. I remember thinking in episode 1 that they were either taking everything class-episode-2-promo-pics-30remarkably well, or were in shock. It turns out it was the latter.

Ram was struggling to cope in this episode, and I’m glad that it showed this characters as humans instead of characters on a sci-fi TV show where everyone is always okay. I also liked the new discussions between Ram and Tanya, and I think that in this day and age where a lot of people are becoming more open about aspects like grief, it is very relevant and may help other young people.

Again, this episode was very, very gruesome, bodies being stripped of skin kinda gruesome (although they never explain why??) and ugh it was horrible. One really prominent character, Mr Armitage, died as well, so I’m interested to see what will happen in episode 3, and how Coal Hill Academy will cope with it. Despite going back to school, no one actually mentioned that they’d just lost their headteacher…

This episode was also less exciting than the previous, I thought. Obviously the show can’t continue at the same pace as the debut, which needed to be fast-paced anyway to entice viewers. I like that this has slowed down and we’re getting more backstory and learning how the characters are coping with their changed lives. Their families are also becoming more involved (see above, with Ram’s father) and this wasn’t really a feature in The Sarah Jane Adventures so I would like to see how the families cope.

class-epi2And finally… we’re going to talk about the alien in this episode. He (and she!) were dragon-like creatures from another world. I always like it when there are emotions behind the savage killings that take place (I mean, of course I would prefer no savage killings whatsoever). In this case… it was alien love. I thought it was a really ingenious idea, and the aliens were actually really beautiful (you know, if they weren’t killing everyone). It was a story that was more complex than it looked, and it tied in very well to Ram’s story line too.

I definitely enjoyed this episode more than the first. It’s calmed down, it’s showing more back story and plot line. Quill is growing on me, I’m liking how we’re getting a more in-class-episode-2-promo-pics-16depth look at the characters too, and I’m looking forward to episode 3!

PS: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Robot man! I bet he’ll come back and haunt everyone. It’s ok, Quill, I gotcha back. Not that you need it being guarded, of course.


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