Seeing Skinny Lister in Norwich!

This Thursday, I saw one of my favourite bands, Skinny Lister, play at the Waterfront in Norwich. It was such an incredible night!

skinny-press-6I won’t lie and say I know all of their songs, because I don’t, but I do know the album Down on Deptford Broadway, and although they were prompting their new album, The Devil, The Heart & The Fight, they played plenty that I knew, as well as some on their first album, Forge and Flagon. I also don’t know this, but there are plenty of their songs I listened to on YouTube!

The band are very lively, I think is the right word. Lorna was bouncing all over the stage, and more than once did a band member come into the crowd! There was epic double bass crowd surfing, which I had hoped would happen, but I didn’t know if it would in a crowd the size of this one. There was a group of people at the front raving, then a line of people watching, then us, with me bouncing up and down and singing. I kind of wish we had pushed forwards in to this group… I will next time!

Told you it happened. 
Apologies that these photos are grainy. iPhone cameras FTW! 

I don’t have much else to say. Skinny Lister have written a couple of songs that really mean a lot to me (I won’t lie that at one point I cried!) and it was such a great night. I also got a beanie which I have been wearing everywhere. I like people’s scrutinising looks as they try to read the logo on the front!

What with seeing Will Varley in November and Frank Turner in December, I’m having a really great few months of seeing my favourite artists live! Skinny Lister, I hope to see you again soon.

PS Thanks to Fergus for coming with me, and having a ball too.


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