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Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2016!

Goodness September went awfully quickly. It’s October, now, apparently.

mwu adventures I've had

The big, obvious, glaring thing that happened in September was that I moved in to university. Much of my September was spent packing, making preparations etc. I spent a lot of time with Jake going up and down to Andover, so he, packing and reading were basically my month. If you switch ‘packing’ with ‘writing’, then you have my perfect month! ❤

My uncle and aunt came over from New Zealand, so it was really great to be able to see them. I also met some new/old friends when I moved to university (and I’m settling in very well, I think; I have some qualms about the course but that’s it!) and despite a few wobbles I’ve been having a pretty good time!

mwu books i've read

  1. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell – this one was… weird… but I enjoyed it. It felt like a crap imitation of Harry Potter and the way the spells were spoken (saying catchphrases) was both really cool but mainly quite odd.
  2. Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas – probably my favourite of the series thus far, I really loved this book. It was just so interesting, and I liked the multiple personalities to see what was happening all over the land of Erilea.
  3. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas – yup, I jumped into this one right after! I still really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for Empire of Storms,but it wasn’t as good as HOF in my opinion.
  4. Stuff That Sucks: ACT by Ben Sedley – this was a short (80) page self-help book I got from the library which was actually really interesting and is a therapy I might look into further!
  5. One by Sarah Crossan – what a heartbreaking book! This is told in free verse and is about two conjoined twins and you guys should totally go and read it.
  6. TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow – aside from the author’s name reminding me of a Death Eater, this was a really interesting book and I have books 2, 4, 5 and 6 on my bookshelf to catch up on. It’s more YA than MG.
  7. Doctor Who: Summer Falls and Other Stories by Justin Richards et al. – this book was below par to other Doctor Who books I’ve read. It was 3 stories and there just wasn’t that spark in them. Jenny, Vastra and Strax were in the final one though, so that was awesome.
  8. Labrador by Ben Fogle – this one was underwhelming and confusing for me. I love Ben Fogle, and I love Labradors, but he wasn’t best at writing historically. However, his anecdotal passages had me crying.
  9. First Class Murder by Robin Stevens – I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH AKJFSGHABKJFDS. Seriously, they’re so awesome! This was a homage to Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express) and Hazel’s character development was da bomb.
  10. Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie – I didn’t actually realise when I picked this up that this was Christie’s last book. It was so scary and yet delightful. I’ll definitely be reading more by her in the future!

You can check out reviews for these books by going to my other blog or to my GoodReads.

mwu stuff i wrote

I didn’t… um… actually write that much? {Oops.} I want to write a lot more of my novel this month and then I might try and finish it over NaNo (or try and finish this novel now? WHO KNOWS?! I need Paper Fury‘s fingers). But yeah. I’m really disappointed in myself.

mwu the stats

My views dropped in September from previous months (which isn’t surprising as I have been blogging terribly) but I am hoping to remedy that! ❤ However, one person from South Africa, Italy, the Philippines, South Korea, Slovenia, Australia, Mexico and Jamaica all visited my blog this month! I don’t know if it was by accident, but thank you, guys.

The United States was my most viewed country and the UK was my second. Which strikes me as weird and yet very cool.

Sadly, I can’t see any potentially interesting search terms which helped people find my blog, but hey ho. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

mwu looking ahead

This month, my university course gets fully under way. I briefly mentioned that so far I’m underwhelmed by the course, so I’m hoping that in the weeks to come I start to enjoy it a little more and actually believe that me being here and spending £50000 just to study is going to be worth it.

I also hope I read a lot of good books, and maybe see Jake, but it might be that we end up waiting until November. ❤

Have a nice month everyone!


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