Previously In My Life...

Previously In My Life… #18

Sorry I haven’t posted this week… but at least I’m posting now, right?! ❤


This week I’ve been getting all sorted for uni. Monday I basically read a book… Tuesday Jake was over (he stayed from Monday – Wednesday, and then I went to his house Thursday – Friday!) and we went down to the local shopping centre! We got Shakeaways (basically an awesome milkshake shack). They were lush.

It was also my mum’s birthday on Tuesday! Happy birthday mum. We all went out for dinner with my grandparent’s, my aunt and my aunt and uncle on my dad’s side who were visiting from New Zealand.

Wednesday, I went to the beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach. Lovely weather. We had ice cream. (Probably my last ice cream of the summer of this year!)

Thursday, I overslept, then drove up to Jake’s (it took about an hour) for a meet up with a bunch of his friends (and now my friends 🙂 ). We played my favourite board game: CLUEDO! (CLUEDO is epic. Play it with me and I will love you, unless you beat me terribly.)

Friday, we organised Jake’s bookshelf. (It was a big job…) Yesterday, I filmed some vlogs and don’t really remember doing much. And today, I cleaned up a bike which is at least 50 years old, and had a humongous clear out!


Well, you know and I know that I posted nothing this week, so let’s have some pictures from Instagram instead.


  • TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow. I really enjoyed this book. I thought it would be a little young for me, but no, it was actually quite scary! I love What If? history too, so this was fascinating (but clearly aimed at ‘boys’ – too many guns 😦 ). Overall, I gave it 4/5
  • Summer Falls and Other Stories by Jason Goss and Justin Richards. This is a collection of three short stories, and I gave these stories 2.5/5, 3.5/5 and 3.75/5 overall… I enjoyed Richards’ story most of all; the other two, especially the first one, weren’t really up to regular Doctor Who standard. (Before 12’s first series, anyway.)

You can read my full reviews here!


I really wanted to write this week, but I don’t know if it was too daunting or what, but I never actually sat down and wrote, which I’m gutted about. I want to get a couple of hours done tomorrow, though, and maybe a couple more on Tuesday. I’m aiming to get up to 15k by this weekend.


I’m really tired. But here, have a vlog:

Have a lovely week, folks!


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