Scooby: the Marley of the cat world

It’s kind of hard to believe I’m writing this post. Hard to believe our crazy little cat won’t stride through the cat flap, yowling for food. He appeared so indestructible.

Last night/this morning, our handsome cat was hit by a car and killed instantly. He was so well known at the vets that they knew who he was, and they phoned us. 

Scooby was… a personality. A gorgeous tabby boy with the name of a fictional canine sleuth, he was an adventurer. When I say the Marley of the cat world: I mean it.

He used to climb in people’s cars. He adopted other families and used to get their food. We once had to pick him up from an estate about 20 minutes from where we live when he was a kitten because he’d followed some people home!

He loved the vets and used to walk inside when the door was open; everyone there knew him. He hated being taken in a carry case. He used to shake his flea and worm treatment off when we de-fleaed him (not as bad as his sister, though).

He ate like a literal horse. We’ve gone through so much food, feeding him three, four times a day when he’d likely already been to other people’s houses too!

Mum once had to pay £20 to get him back from the Blue Cross because someone had found him, thought he was a stray and taken him there. They’d even said he was a girl in the “found” posters…

He’d been hit by a car before, suffering a fractured jaw and a dislocated leg. He’d dragged himself up the road and through the cat flap, on his own in the middle of the night; he was truly a brave cat.

In the last two days before he died, he brought in not one, but two pigeons and growled at us when we tried to take it away from him. The second time we cleaned it when he was out and he looked at us like, “Why’d you take my pigeon away? That’s my pigeon!”

Scooby was one of the most mischievous cats you would ever know. He was fearless (aside from when faced with the vacuum cleaner). He was so cuddly. He loved the fleecy blanket my mum has. He was adored by his sister, Hunny, even though he ran her in circles!

He’ll be dearly missed.



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