Previously In My Life...

Previously In My Life… #15

So I haven’t done one of these in a while, sorry! I’ve been away/busy. I will, at some point, do a France blog post to tell you what I got up to, but for now, you’re gonna have to put up with this ūüėČ

piml coverpiml what i did

Tooooooooooootally me and Jake. ūüėČ (Imagine somewhere from Google.)

This week, I saw Jake again on Monday! We hadn’t seen each other for nearly 3 weeks so it was great to see each other again.

I have seen¬†Star Trek Beyond¬†TWICE this WEEK! I love it so much! Jaylah is my new favourite character. Some bits of it were really horrible and hard to watch, but I have loved the new¬†Star Trek¬†reboots, so yes I really enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I have decided to cosplay as Jaylah and Scottie in the future! (Well, I said I wanted to cosplay Jaylah so he decided Scottie. I don’t know if it was a joke, but it’s not anymore!)

piml what i read

This week, I read…

  1. Reasons to Stay Alive¬†by Matt Haig. I really enjoyed this book; it’s a cross between a memoir, a self-help book and an advice guide thing. Some of it really resonated with me and it was beautifully written. 5/5
  2. Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James. Technically, I only finished this but close enough. The second half was definitely better than the first, which took me ages to read, so I gave this only 3/5 which was a shame because I really liked it aside from the pace and the writing style.
  3. The Teenage Guide to [Dealing with] Stress¬†by Nicola Morgan. This is definitely a self help book! It covered a lot and gave some really good advice (although sometimes I felt there could’ve been more detail!). It was very friendly and approachable, though, which was great. 4.5/5

I rebooted Sprinkled With Words last week, and I’m posting mini book reviews of all the books I’ve read that week, plus a “big” review on the Monday. This week, it was¬†Harry Potter and the Cursed Child¬†and the three above, if you’re curious to hear my thoughts in more depth. Obviously you can follow my reviews/friend request me on Goodreads, too!

piml what i wrote

Guys. It finally happened.

I started writing my next novel! *distant cheers*

It’s still in the early stages, and I’ve only written 3612 words overall, but that’s over the course of three (busy) days! I’m so excited to get into it in more detail. (To be honest, the last ten chapters out of 25 planned are currently my favourite – I can’t wait to write them!)

It’s going to be book 1 in X amount of books (either two or three) so I have a brilliant cliffhanger I already love. ūüėÄ

piml what i posted

Without meaning to, I actually had quite a good week of posting!

piml and another thing

Six weeks today, I will be getting ready to settle down at my first day at university. Phew.

That’s¬†something I need to talk about!

Have a great week, folks!


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