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Of on Le Holiday!

Hiya folks!

So today, Friday 22nd July, I am off on holiday to France for two weeks! I’m so excited!


However, I am not taking my laptop with me, so I will not be able to blog! I’ll take lots of photos and stuff though so I’ll be posting when I get back 😉

Also, when I get back my other blog, Sprinkled With Words will be started up again! I’ll be taking guest posts after a week or so (HOPEFULLY) so if you guys have any ideas based around WRITING or BOOKS then feel free to email me: sprinkledwithwords@hotmail.com. I won’t reply until I’m back but sit on that idea and nurture it!

I’m so excited to relaunch SPWW, it’s been so long! It’ll have been over a month since I was able to relaunch, but I hadn’t felt ready, hence why it’s taken so long… ANYWAY, NOW IT WILL BE!

Also over the holidays I’ll be planning my next novel and hopefully I’ll be ready to write by the time I’m home so expect lots of posts on that!

And I’ll probably post a bit on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads so feel free to stay up to date with me there.

Have a great couple of weeks, folks!


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