Previously In My Life...

Previously In My Life… #12

This week I had 3 exams, am very tired and have a new thing to show you…

piml cover

piml what i did

So this week…

I had 3 of my exams! That’s one left to go on Friday 24th, so I have a whole week to revise for it which is GREAT. It should be a good exam because it’s classics and I like classics so there we go.

I watched Beauty and the Beast, the Disney original, for the first time! I really loved it, and cried for about 10 minutes.

And on Saturday, I went out with my family shopping! Which isn’t a regular family past time if you were wondering. I actually *drum roll please* bought shorts! Yes my legs and knees are going out into the world. (And a new signed Patrick Ness book because thank you mum xxx)

And today was of course Father’s Day! ❤ Our family (including dear old Dad) went up to my grandparents’ house and my Nanny (grandma) gave me a lettuce. It was a very nice lettuce.

piml what i read

This week I read…

  • A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess! Guys, READ THIS ONE. It’s so so good, and the writing style is just amazing.
  • Halo by Zizou Corder. I really enjoyed this one, even if it’s for younger people than me, and I’ve filmed a review of it already (I’ll probably write one too!).

piml what i wrote

I, um, eeeeeeeek. I didn’t write anything this week! I’ll try and do some more stuff next week.  😀 I’m thinking so much about my next novel, so I guess that counts for something. I signed up to Camp NaNoWriMo too and am in a cabin with one of my favourite bloggers Lucy Powrie (aka Queen of Contemporary aka LucyTheReader).

piml what i posted

I managed a whopping two posts this week. WHOOP!

piml and another thing

Guys. I did this thing called “Setting up a YouTube channel”. Yes, really!

I already had a ‘booktube‘ channel where I talk, predictably, about books. This is solely for books – I have my two blogs for writing, reading and my personal life, but this is solely for books and the bookish world.

And now I have another YouTube channel, for my personal life and I’m so excited to share it with you all! I haven’t done that many videos, and I don’t expect they’ll be as often or as regular as on my blogs and my booktube channel – I’m doing this one for weekly vlog videos to document my life, and for interesting topics I find hard to put into writing. I also want to possibly do some short films from my own scripts – so if I do, that’s where they’ll go!

Do you vlog? How’s your week been? Chat to me! 😀


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