Previously In My Life...

Previously In My Life… #11

Due to yesterday’s events, I didn’t feel like posting, so I apologise that this is a day late!

piml cover

piml what i did

Last week was back to college! I had two exams – my classics AS resit, and one of my psychology exams – and so I’ve just been revising.

Friday, I headed over to my boyfriend, Jake’s house. We went out cycling, and it was the first time I’ve been on a bike in a couple of years! I realised just how unfit I was, so I want that to change… but right now, I am just too tired. So I’ve asked him to help me do a lot more cycling and exercising over the summer! I cannot WAIT until university when I can join the gym AND go swimming every week! 😀 It’s the little things, huh?

Oh, speaking of university, I also got an email saying that my accommodation would be sent to me by the end of June! I AM SO EXCITED! I can’t wait to go, but I’m going to put it out of my mind so I can enjoy my summer at home. 🙂

This Saturday was our village’s Carnival, and I went with my dad, brother and dog! Scroll down to see the books I picked up. 😉 I also got the cutest little dog bookmark. The Carnival is more fun if you’re younger or taking part or going for lunch, but we had fun anyway and also headed to the bubbling sands which my dog loved… so I had to give her a bath when we got home. ;P

Sunday was the Street Party for the Queen’s 90th! It was apparently going to rain all day, but we had some beautiful sunshine. I saw some old friends who go to a different college, and found out that my old Scout leader also went to UEA! So that was fun. I like a good street party!

I seem to have done a lot this week! I’ve been waking up later which isn’t great, so it feels like the days have been super short. 6:30 AM start tomorrow for my exam…

piml what i read

I finished one book this week, and that was Book of Lies by Teri Terry. I’m thinking of doing my first YouTube review with it, because I had such fun reading it! I highly recommend it.

I’m currently reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I briefly lost it for a day but I’ve found it again and I’d like to finish it ASAP!

As for books that joined my shelf this week… well.

  • Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks was a book I picked up at a free little library near my boyfriend’s house.
  • Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett were two I got for £1 at the Carnival!
  • And The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson arrived this morning! I couldn’t help myself, guys. I’m sorry.

piml what i wrote

I still haven’t finished my fantasy short story The Unexpected Heir to the Throne but I might try to get that done over the next couple of weeks (I only have a couple thousand words to go!).

However, I have been PLANNING! Yup, I’m super excited about my next novel, which is set around centaurs in a mix of an Ancient Greek and fantasy world. I’M SO EXCITED. And a big thank you to all of those people who left lovely comments on my Beautiful People post! I was nearly crying with happiness!

piml what i posted

I only posted once this week (sorry!). I chatted about my next novel in Beautiful People #18. 😀 I had a great time doing it, though, and it’s become my most popular post this month – even taking over my main home screen! xD Thanks so much to everyone who commented, viewed and liked! It means such a lot.

piml and another thing

My other blog, Sprinkled With Words, is currently on hiatus whilst I’m doing my exams, but I happened to check it last night… and I found out that last month I had 250 visitors to my wee little blog!


I immediately burst into tears and phoned my boyfriend in sobs to tell him. I cannot believe it. I’m raring to get back to blogging (which was exactly what I was hoping would happen!) and I’ve been having so many ideas, I can’t wait!


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