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Love // Flash Fiction

I’m doing a 30 day drawing challenge, and I’ve matched this up with short stories! Here is the short story for today, with the prompt love, and the picture I drew. I thought it’d be fun to post it here anyhow! 🙂

8Lia glanced down at the note once again. “I’m sorry. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” On the back was an address – for the coffee shop she was now sitting in – and a time. 3 minutes to go.

She thought over the cheating scandal – the false evidence her ‘friend’ had given her, the lies she had foolishly believed. And then there’s the fact he did sleep with someone – for a film. Without telling her. It still felt like betrayal.

Lia took a sip of her drink and calmed herself down. Deep breaths, she reminded herself. That’s what the therapist said.

1 minute.

She debated with herself, again and again – whether she could forgive him. Could she? Really? Was she just letting herself in for more heartbreak?

30 seconds.

The panic started to rise. She needed the toilet. Her drink shook in her hand and she rested it on the saucer.

10 seconds.






The timer she kept on her phone went off.

The door of the coffee shop opened.

He stood in the doorway. Her breath caught. Her panic subsided.

And she smiled.


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