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May Writing Challenge

may writing challenge 16Mama, before you freak out, I am not planning on doing something crazy like trying to write a novel in May.

I am, however, trying to write 10k words. Well, not all in one… and not for one story.

Basically, what I’m aiming to do is write 500 words a day Monday – Friday, and then editing Saturday – Sunday. That’s a 2500 word short story over all, every week for 4 weeks = 10k overall and 4 short stories to show for it. 

I can’t quite decide what I’m going to do so, as I write this post dear readers, I am going to decide through the help of my StoryCubes.

  1. Via the ENCHANTED StoryCubes: a homeless dwarf finds out she’s actually heir to the throne.
  2. Via the CLUES StoryCubes: a man accidentally kills his friend after losing a game of chess. Badly (that’s both the killing and the chess).
  3. Via the PREHISTORIA StoryCubes: a scorpion survives the meteor strike by hiding in the mountains.
  4. Via 7 of the REGULAR StoryCubes: after a fire kills the last apple tree in the world, a little boy with demons of his own gets lost on an adventure to try and save the only witch that can bring them back (okay so that one needs a lot of work but hey it should be fun).

So there you have it! Anyone want to partake in this writing challenge with me? 😀 (If you don’t have any StoryCubes but want me to roll you a set, feel free to ask (that goes for anytime!).)

I’m looking forward to it! Stay tuned for updates!


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