Top Ten Tuesday

10 Brilliant Bookworm Delights

There are some really awesome things about being a book worm (or, as Cait @ Paper Fury called it, a booklion which is a word I want to steal), and reading and sharing your love of books. Books are just incredible things.

This post is really about some of the simple bookish delights. Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. 🙂

  1. Finding a reference of something you know in the book you’re reading. Like “Isaac Hale” in A Court of Thorns and Roses. YES, SARAH J. MAAS. I APPROVE. (Although I don’t know which Hale is yours. Mine is Peter ❤ Poor, murderous baby.)
  2. Reading a really hyped up book and actually enjoying it. WHICH IS AWESOME. I shy away from hyped up books because I worry that they’ll be rubbish compared to what people are saying. BUT SARAH J. MAAS. YOU DO IT AGAIN.IMG_8162
  3. Reading multiple 5* books! I rate so many of my books as 4-5/5, and I always worry that maybe I’m being too nice or whatever – BUT MAYBE NOT. Maybe I just read great books.
  4. Going to places books you’ve read have been set. EMPIRE STATE (Percy Jackson)! BOSTON (Magnus Chase)! AMERICA (pretty much every book)! LONDON (pretty much every other book)! Seriously though. It’s cool.
  5. IMG_8173Taking bookish photos. And posting them. IT’S SO MUCH FUN AND IT’S KIND OF AN ADDICTION OKAY.
  6. When the book’s title is referenced in the book itself. THIS IS AMAZING OKAY.
  7. Not caring what other people think about the books you’re reading. I think I actually wrote an entire post on this at one point but meh. It’s really quite cool actually. Doctor Who BBC Books? A massive classic? A well-known YA fantasy? A – shock, horror! – eBook? Whatever you’re reading, don’t let other people bother you about your tastes!
  8. BOOK TRAILERS. Okay, so this one might not be to your taste, BUT I LOVE BOOK TRAILERS. Well, good book trailers. But I just think they’re so cool. It’s like a moving, musical book aesthetic.IMG_8185
  9. The thrilling tightness in your chest when the book you’re reading is getting serious. Might be a slightly panicky feeling but you know it’s just because the MC is once again being Badass McBadass.
  10. Giving someone a book you love and then they love it too. Come on. Isn’t this just the BEST feeling in the world?!


Are any of these on your list? Do you agree/disagree with any of mine? What’s your top bookish delight (aside from the books themselves of course)? DO YOU WANT TO BE A BOOKLION? 


7 thoughts on “10 Brilliant Bookworm Delights

  1. I love your bookish photography! AND HUZZAH FOR BOOK LION. *lionish hi five* (Also your cat is uber cute and I love how it kindly matches Magnus Chase. What an epic, thoughtful cat.) Also, zomg, I LOVE the feeling of #9. Like when you realise stuff is starting to get real and dangerous and suddenly you have to read the rest of the book in ONE GULP because you’re so desperate to know what happens next?! BEST EVER. (Also most terrifying ever. XD)


    1. HI! Thank you! Bookish photography has become a slight addiction… And yes, she’s adorable, I love my cat!
      Haha yes #9! I was reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and had to keep putting it down because it was getting teeeeeeeeense….. BUT I COULDN’T STOP READING! XD


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