Are We a Lost Generation?

I’m in the oldest year at my college – upper sixth, aged 17 – 18. Below me are the lower sixth – aged 16 – 17. They joined in September – and I’ve pretty much hated them since then. They’re loud, rude and block the corridors (try blocking the corridors for sixth formers who are sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated, I DARE YOU).

There are a particular group of boys who get on my bus and I really can’t stand them (mainly because they stole our seats and take up a whole double space and glare at us when we ask if we can sit down, WHO KNEW WE WANTED A PLACE TO SIT FOR A 40 MINUTE BUS JOURNEY). Today, our bus was so packed I was sat on the stairs, which were freezing.

One of the boys was sitting next to a friend of mine. He took out his headphones, leant over and said, “Hey, d’ya want to sit here? I don’t mind.”

Which was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

I politely declined because, obviously unbeknown to him, I’d just gotten a massive cramp and didn’t particularly want to move. But I was shocked still. I vaguely recollect something like this happening before but it obviously didn’t have as much of an impact as this time – maybe because this round, was one of the previously mentioned loud, rude and obnoxious boys.

I’d always assumed that our generation was just like that – rude. Scary. Uncaring, despite all of the social changes going on. That was happening to people in their 20s – we’re in our teens. We’re looked down on, scorned at, by the entirety of the older society. So I also look down on our generation. I hate them, sometimes. I cross the street to avoid similarly-aged people in my own village; they’re brash, and approach me in an uncomfortable manner.

Sometimes you have to take a step back. Look at things as a whole. If you do that: then yes, plainly, we are a lost generation. We’re awful. And that’s true – being part of that generation and happily detesting it, I know that to be true.

But then you have to magnify everything, and although the whole generation is a blackness in a green and blue world, sometimes you’ll find white spots of hope and happiness. Like my boyfriend. My friends. Someone who held the door open for me today at college.

The arrogant boy on the bus who offered to give up his warm seat and sit on a cold step – for me.

It’s society who perceive us as a lost generation, and all together perhaps we are – but isn’t that the same for every generation throughout the whole of history?

We might be a temporarily lost generation, but we’re not a totally lost cause. It takes a spark to start a fire to burn down a dead forest.


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