2016 · Bookishness

#TBRTakedown 3.5!

tbr takedown 3.5.jpgIt’s TBR takedown time again! This time it’s 3.5, only three days and with four challenges!

I’m reading 3 books this time, combining two of the challenges for one. You can view my vlog about #TBRTakedown 3.5 here.

The four challenges are: standalone, on the TBR shelf for over a year, most recent haul and catch up in a series.

ANYWAY. On to what I’m reading.

burial ritesThe first book I’m reading is Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. This is a story set in the 19th Century Iceland, and is about the last woman who was executed there. It’s historical fiction and I’m so excited to read this! I’ve heard such a lot about it. I’m hoping it’ll be fast-paced and well-written, as well as historically accurate so I can learn a lot! 😛 I’m reading this for the standalone challenge.

Tstargirlhe second book is Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli who has a great name. I have no idea what this is about, except I’m assuming it’s about a girl who stands out. The cover is a cute little picture, and it’s a short book so I think I’ll get through it quickly, and I hope I’ll enjoy it! I’m reading this for the on my TBR for over a year challenge.

arsenic for teaThe final book I’m reading is Arsenic for Tea by Robin Stevens, the second in the Murder Most Unladylike series. I really enjoyed the first, so I am so excited for this one! It sounds like a proper traditional Agatha Christie-style poisoning story. I love Stevens’ writing as well, so it should be great fun! This is for, as default, the most recent haul and catch up in a series challenge.

I’m going to try and complete this, but if I don’t it’s no biggie. Obviously my exams are coming up, so I’m working really hard and I have to do some hard core revision over the weekend as I missed time in Greece! I’m also at my boyfriend’s on Friday and I don’t read much when I’m there (mainly, because he lives so far away, I’m almost always there for a reason so we’re doing something). Anyway, I want to read these books so I’ll get around to them eventually.

Are you doing #TBRTakedown 3.5? What’s your opinion on readathons? Would you ever do one?


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