2016 · Updates/Random

Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine's dayHappy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope that whoever you’re spending it with – be it your SO, mum, dad, brother, sister (*insert other family member here*) treats you well! And if it’s your cat, I hope they don’t scratch.

I won’t lie to you: this post is actually scheduled, and when it’s published I’ll be in London! That’s right, I’m spending Valentine’s Day with my family on a trip to the Big City. We’re planning Madame Tussads, the V&A, a whole host of other museums and general fun.

My boyfriend and I have planned out Valentine’s Day for the 20th (he’s away on Valentine’s Day as well anyway) and we’re going to see Deadpool – hella romantic, right?! 😉 Still, it should be fun and it’s Marvel so it better be good.

Even if you don’t have a partner to spend Valentine’s Day with, try spreading the love! Leave a kind note for a stranger, offer to do a favour for someone, take your kids out or just go and love yourself! Is there a film you wanted to see? Or a book you just want to stay in all day with and read? In the words of Shia Laboeuf… giphyHappy Valentine’s everyone! 😀


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