2016 · Updates/Random

Pancake Day & Lent

12714110_1102070603150639_1285921399_nHappy belated Pancake Day! (I should also probably explain my absence – I currently have no internet at home!) Anyway, yesterday we had pancakes and flipped them and yeah it was great! We’ve been having American-style pancakes for a while, so it was great to have ‘English’ ones (I don’t actually know the origin of pancake day…). 

And today, Ash Wednesday, is the first day of Lent! This is a Christian religious practise if you were wondering, but any person of any faith can do it. This year, I’ve given up chocolate! And it’s going well… I mean, I’ve only had a packet of Fruit Pastels and bag of popcorn… Hmm.

(Also hot drinks don’t count in my eye… so I also had a hot chocolate.)

My mum’s striving to give up chocolate too, so at least I have a partner in crime to help me… And I’m actually away over Easter, so I’m either going to have to stock up, or take it all with me!

What have you given up for Lent?


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