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#IWSG: New Genres

#iwsg new genresI don’t want to be stuck writing the same thing forever and ever. So for me, the thing I write most often is YA: books and stories for teens and young adults. And I love it, it’s great. I have 3 new ones I want to write before Easter (novelettes and novellas, not full length novels. I’m not that crazy). But… I don’t want to be stuck writing YA for always.

I want to write historical fiction (which, actually, I’ve written a lot of short stories for. I just haven’t branched beyond that) and Western, sci-fi and fantasy, romance and even detective stories if I can work out a decent mystery.

I want to branch out, but to be honest I am absolutely terrified I will turn out to be rubbish at a genre I love. Which would suck. Understandably.

So although I’m experimenting in new genres, such as Western and detective (with one very massive failure in that department), I’m still not happy. I write best in YA. What if my future endeavours mean I only get to write in YA? What if that’s because I suck at everything else?

So many what if questions, and most of them are about my future, what I am instinctively good at etc. It’s hard and it’s TERRIFYING.

I guess I can try and work in these genres now so I might be better when I’m older and that’s probably the only thing I can do. I know you’ve gotta work at something – for a long time as well – if you want to be good at it, so I may as well get started!

InsecureWritersSupportGroup2Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a group for, well, insecure writers. Sign up, and post every month about your insecurities! You can share your doubts and worries about anything to do with writing and your work, and have people who know and understand respond to your blog post. (It’s awesome, so just join it. 😉 )


2 thoughts on “#IWSG: New Genres

  1. I’m under the impression that YA can include elements of many other genres. I’ve read plenty of YA science fiction/fantasy novels. I know there are YA romances, and I’m sure there are probably YA westerns and detective stories out there too. Maybe you could experiment with other genres within YA and see how it goes.

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