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In Which I Don’t Crash

in which i don't crash.jpgSo. Today I did the thing that you do when you’re 17. Aka: I passed my driving test! 😀

I was so incredibly nervous, as this was my second time taking the dang thing (I failed the first time for being an incompetent driver, basically. It was a stupid mistake, but I was so nervous that I messed up). I had a lot of minors (I’m, uh, talking 10 here), but y’know I passed and some of those minors were for things I was too nervous to do because I didn’t feel safe (eg, I got two for not pulling out into a junction because there was a car a little too far off, but I didn’t feel safe pulling out so I didn’t. Better safe than sorry, and I didn’t bother anyone!).

Anyway, so I am a fully legal (not yet insured, that’s tomorrow’s job) driver now! I can relax and I get my Thursday mornings back, which is nice because I can either go in early to college and do work or have a lie-in and go in late (hmm, hard choice). Actually, it’s list time.


  1. Take my dog on a proper walk because I now have time for more than the 5 minute jog around the block she used to get.
  2. Write a book. Well, part of it anyway. (Actually, that’s a really great idea. I might do that… Thursday morning writer mornings? YES PLEASE.)
  3. Read a book.
  4. Have a bath. (I haven’t had a bath in ages actually, I’m more of a shower girl. BUT WHAT IF- I COULD READ MY BOOK IN THE BATH AND KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. Oh, I’m awesome.)
  5. Make vlogs. Another really awesome idea… Okay scrap it, this is the one!

Dammit blogging, now I’ve given myself loads of ideas and not enough time to do it in. #WoesOfBeingABlogger

So that was what I did today (I actually didn’t have the bestest of days, a lot of little things going wrong… but y’know). How was your Friday, folks?

(PS: This knocked number 3 off my list for 2016!)


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