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On Poetry: My Aversion, & My Love

on poetryPoetry. Ah, poetry. This is a pretty apt topic considering my last post, I think. Because I actually posted a poem! Which is a great achievement for me. I was super duper happy with it. Normally my poetry – if you can call it that – doesn’t make it to daylight, because it’s so dang awful. I would say, “Don’t believe me? I’ll show you!” but I won’t subject you to the torture.

As you may have been able to tell from the title, I’m splitting this post up into two topics: my aversion to the art, and then my love for it. First thing’s first: MY AVERSION.

Poetry and I have had a lot of qualms over the years. When studying it at school I would, apparently, make “tenuous” links which made perfect and very obvious sense to me but apparently not to anyone else, the teacher or the exam board. Go figure how you can be wrong in thinking but that’s the education system for you (another post for another time, me thinks). Thankfully, we didn’t have to write it, otherwise I would have been ridiculed even more (if that were possible. Gladly, I didn’t have to find out. Also another post for another time…). That’s how bad my poetry was: the voices in my head laughed at it, along with me out loud eventually.

On a side note, I deleted my old Twitter because I used it mainly during when I was in very depressive periods. So it was full of adolescent angst and bad one-liners about people of whom all my followers knew (pro tip: that’s a rubbish idea, don’t do it). But this does have a link to poetry! …because a lot of my old poetry is basically the same. I try not to think about it, find it or have anything to do with it, but that side story tells you what a lot of it was like. I don’t have a lot of it any more (whoo!) though.

So there you have why I have an aversion to poetry: it and I haven’t had a very good past history, and I wrote it in frenzies (I’ve always written a poem in one go, even if it has been pages long), often literally feeling the emotions I was putting on to paper. Okay so I still feel that sometimes when I write and especially when I write poetry nowadays. But then it wasn’t… nice. It was horrible, in fact. And that’s why I’ve steered myself away from it… until now.

Because now I’m going to talk about my new found LOVE for poetry! Yes, you really heard that right!

At university, I discovered, I am going to have to write poetry for my professors and other peers to look at (*screams with fear*). So I thought I might as well get all of the rubbish stuff out of the way now so I’m prepared (hence, my new writings of the genre). And… I found that I actually really like poetry. There’s something so deliciously vague about it that you can write exactly what you’re feeling in your own words and no one can tell you that what you’re feeling is wrong! Every time you write a poem it’s like a new adventure expressing a feeling or a little story in verse! It’s great.

Okay so my poetry still might not be good. Out of the many I’ve written, I think I’ve only ever put one on this blog. Out of over 100 posts… yeah. (Then again I’ve only put one short story up but I’m working on it!) I might not like all of it. I don’t know if it’s good (how on earth do you tell?!). But I have to write in the genre so I may as well learn to love it.

This post has become a bit of ramble so I might just sign off now and be done with it. But first I want to know: what’s your opinion of poetry? (Also: How do you tell if your own poetry is good? Seriously, I’m super curious.)


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