2016 · Updates/Random

What a Day

What a day it’s been (that’s January 14 2016). In both good and bad ways…

The bad:

  • I was deeply saddened to hear of Alan Rickman’s passing today at aged 69 from cancer. He was a fantastic actor and, from what I could tell from interviews, a generally all-round amazing person. May he rest in peace.
  • When I got home today from college, my mum found out that a friend of hers also died from cancer today. May she also rest in peace.
  • Whilst in my lecture programme today, I had a panic attack due to the content we were watching (no trigger warning for a highly emotional piece… hmm). And the teachers just sat and watched me in tears, letting other pupils go first. Thanks, for that.

The middling:

  • My psychology mock exam was today, and although I forgot about a third of it I was amazed I actually managed to finish the entire thing! (Especially when I read the questions and couldn’t even remember the theories.) I had to write four essays in an hour and a half, and ended up with 8 pages overall…
  • My driving lesson went okay, that being the operative word. Still. I’m getting there.

The good:

  • My friend turned 18 years old today! Happy birthday, Sophie! 🙂
  • My friends and boyfriend were all pretty all-round awesome today, which was lovely.

So yeah, there we go. A bit of a day where everything is thrown in your face. It’s the type of day where you have to just get your head down, wash your hands and carry on until the next one.

So… Here’s to the next one, all.



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