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#IWSG: Friends

#iwsg; friendsFriends. They’re (mostly) fab (unless they take the last piece of chocolate). Mine are no different, especially three great writerly friends who I enjoy sharing my writing with. Well. Kinda. Today is Insecure Writers’ Support Group day and I’m sharing my insecurities about sharing my writing with my friends (and hopefully they’ll see it and realise what a big scaredy cat I am and be nice to me and buy me chocolate).

I’m not usually a scaredy cat when sharing my writing (unless it’s a big, close-to-heart project, but then it’s unlikely anything’s going to happen anyway) – any more. If you’ll recall, in November I did a similar post about sharing my writing online. Since then, no less than 8 short stories have gone up on Wattpad. Haha, insecurity = sat on and firmly squished.

BUT, it’s different when it comes to friends. Maybe it’s because I know them very well, maybe it’s because I moan to them about whatever I’m writing (…sorry) so my unconscious thinks I’m already sick of it. Maybe I’m scared they’ll think I’m dreadful. Whatever the reason is, I don’t know!! Which makes it rather difficult to tackle.

Whatever it is, we’re all entering writing competitions this year, and if I want to improve, I’m going to have to beat this insecurity. This came at a surprisingly good time actually, because this weekend I’m writing two short stories (yes, two!) to enter a writing competition… and my boyfriend’s going to be reading (and hopefully giving me some advice on) them on Tuesday on our “English morning”! (He only agreed because I said I’d buy the tea, but that’s a small price to pay…)

So that’s one of my insecurities. Are you worried about sharing your writing with friends and family? Because I am. Because if so, let’s try and beat it together!


9 thoughts on “#IWSG: Friends

  1. Hmm. Seems like you’re doing the right thing with your insecurity. You aren’t letting it cripple you. To some extent all writers will probably feel insecure when they first share any new work with another, no matter who it is. The trick is to not let it stop you from sharing or from writing the next thing. So you’re doing great! 😃 (And here is a virtual chocolate chip cookie for your bravery! 🍪)


  2. It’s not really a huge insecurity of mine, to be honest. My family doesn’t read my writing, which is fine, and my very close friends do, but not after I’m either done or it’s out. But there’s something about people who actually know you reading you work that’s more nerve-wracking than strangers reading it.


  3. I used to be vaguely freaked out by friends and family reading my stuff, but that faded the longer I was on my blog, because I knew that people I knew were reading my words every single day, so it became a very mundane realization, I guess. 🙂 I still understand how you feel though, because I also do YouTube videos, and it doesn’t bother me at all that hundreds of people I don’t know are watching them, but for some reason it freaks me out when my husband watches them. Like, I don’t give two flying rats about the opinions of strangers, but it bothers me to think my husband might be judging me. It’s just one of those things, I guess. ^_^
    Good luck with your competitions!!


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