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2015: In Review

2015; in review(Okay so I know it’s the 4th January but bare with me okay I’ve been busy)

2015 was a pretty great year. To get personal, I’m going to copy the thing I wrote in my last post:

2015 was pretty exceptional, in both ways. It was a terribly difficult year for my family, but I started dating my gorgeous boyfriend. My animals got sick, but my mental health got better. I fell out with friends, but made up with them by the end of it all. A bit of a roller-coaster overall – and there were also plenty of those, literally. It was a great year, and I wouldn’t change it for the world because it taught me so much. I’m hoping the next will be just as amazing, and with all of the changes up ahead, especially moving away from home for university, hopefully everything I’ve learnt in 2015, no matter how painful the lesson, will help me survive the future.

A lot happened in the last year, and a lot changed, and I’ve no doubt that this year won’t be any different. But here’s to it, and here’s to my round-up, which might be a bit long-winded. I’m going to be using the stuff from here to help me! 🙂

Working from the bottom of that list, I’m going to start with my Christmas wishes… because they all came true. I was kissed under the mistletoe (thanks to my friends for that!), I walked my dog on Christmas Day and I watched Netflix with the boyfriend (and whilst he wasn’t snuggled under a blanket, I was so I’m counting it). Which is pretty exceptional, no? Miracles do happen!

In my “do” section I managed to complete 6 1/2 out of the 9 on the list. I did my photo a day of the year (video coming soon, hopefully!), and, whilst it was so so difficult, I completed my Duke of Edinburgh award! (I still need to get it all signed off, but I’ve completed it). I had a bit of a disaster when I went to give blood, so that’s back on the list for 2016, and I didn’t get around to making a short film. Hopefully it’ll happen in the summer! I learnt to drive but failed my test last year (both sadly and annoyingly), but I had a great ball camping with my friends! I wasn’t sure if it were morally sincere to put “get a boyfriend” on the list right at the beginning of the year (it’s been edited since but yes that went on the original January 1st 2015 list) but I am also amazed, astounded and wholly grateful that it’s happened! (I just smiled at the photo of us I have next to my laptop. One, two, three: “Aww!”) I took a self-defence course and now know how to beat you up and last Valentine’s Day I went ice-skating with friends, counting as my winter sport!

In my “writing” section, I didn’t do so well, only completing 3 and two halves out of 8 of the things on my list. To start with the negatives, I didn’t finish Vindicta nor edit An Icy Collision (although I did start it), and those are both back on my list. I didn’t win any writing competitions (but I did enter them, counting as my half!), and I didn’t manage to sell an article… although I did, amazingly, sell a short story or two! Onto the positives, I wrote a handwritten card/letter to someone each month, I started writing my next novel (but didn’t finish it) and I wrote a couple of fanfictions! 😀

And finally in the “read” section, I read an amazing 82 books last year, finished Jackson Pearce’s amazing Fairytale Retelling’s series and also read the Dark Touch series! I only got to Prisoner of Azkaban in the Harry Potter series though, so re-reading that is back on the list for 2016.

So yeah, a pretty epic year. You can check out my 2016 list here, complete with New Years Resolutions. Thank you so much for sticking around over the past year, I love reading all your comments and get a thrill whenever someone likes a post!

I hope your 2015 taught you something and made you a better person. Here’s to the next one!


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