Happy New Year! Feat. New Years Resolutions

happy new year 16Well, we got to that time of the year again…. that is, the end of it. Happy New Year, everyone, I hope you had a good one and didn’t get as drunk as some of my friends (totally not naming names). 

Last year was pretty exceptional, in both ways. It was a terribly difficult year for my family, but I started dating my gorgeous boyfriend. My animals got sick, but my mental health got better. I fell out with friends, but made up with them by the end of it all. A bit of a roller-coaster overall – and there were also plenty of those, literally. It was a great year, and I wouldn’t change it for the world because it taught me so much. I’m hoping the next will be just as amazing, and with all of the changes up ahead, especially moving away from home for university, hopefully everything I’ve learnt in 2015, no matter how painful the lesson, will help me survive the future.

And yes, that was a very heavy, emotional paragraph. Moving swiftly onwards: because it’s New Year, it’s time for those New Years Resolutions! I’ve ended up setting 3 for reading, 3 for writing and 3 for life, but you can also check out things I want to read, write and do over here.


  1. Read more from my own book shelves, not the library!
  2. Try to restrict buying books… unless they are very precious gems. Perhaps I should set up a book fund and only spend from there?!
  3. Care less about what other people will think about the books I’m reading. If I’m having a rubbish week and want to read a cheap chick-lit book, or if I’m being “nerdy” and reading a geeky book, what’s it to everyone else? Something, apparently, to my past self. But not to the new one. Mwhahahaha. (okay that sounds like I murdered my old self and cloned it. Nope. I’m totally the original. Toooootally….)


  1. Don’t stress so much if I don’t write, especially through blogging! I got super stressed by the end of 2015, and when I didn’t blog I felt awful. But whilst I know I’m human on the other side of the screen, I forget you guys are too and that’s something to remember: you know that sometimes life just sweeps you up!
  2. Experiment in as many genres as possible, including poetry. Even if it’s just writing short stories.
  3. Use my notebooks and plan more books! This might seem like an odd one, but I hate starting notebooks. Maybe if I finally started to plan them, I’d get into writing them eventually!


  1. Do more revision than last year, but DON’T stress myself out. I could’ve worked harder for my AS levels, I could’ve done. But I didn’t, because the rest of life got in the way and I was simply too exhausted. But I’ve got more frees now so I want to get As. Let’s go for it.
  2. Keep up with my penpal letters! I got awful in the last few months of 2015, and I miss writing to my penpals! A side one to this one is get more adventurous in what I send. Check out my Pinterest board if you’re curious!
  3. Try to get leaner. Note I don’t say lose weight. That’s far too simple but also too vague. I don’t want to lose weight, per se (a lot of me is muscle anyway. My calves’ll take you on any day!) but I wouldn’t mind toning up, both by eating healthily and exercising more. Self-defence was great for me last year, and this year I’m playing Quidditch (yes, really), so it should work.

So, there you are, my New Years Resolutions of 2016. Let’s see what happens, eh? What’re your New Years Resolutions?

Happy New Year, folks. Cheers to that.


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