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#IWSG: Posting Writing Online!

#iwsg 2When I was younger, I wrote a lot of fanfiction (as in, every night I was writing fanfiction… that’s a lot of fanfiction). I posted a lot of this online, at and later at Archive of Our Own.

Since then, I posted a few of my own works online. But if you have a look around in the depths of the internet, there are only a few I haven’t recaptured and taken down.

Why? Well, I felt awkward about posting my work online for everyone to see. I was uncertain about it. I struggled to finish long bits of text, even if I thought posting them would help me. (Yeah… they didn’t.)

I’m only just getting back into posting my writing online. I don’t get many views – in fact, I’m lucky to get one – but it’s out there for everyone to see and I enjoy posting it! And, I’m being confident enough to not take them down this time! (Except the awful cover. I might redo that at some point…)

So yes I feel that, although I’m not posting novels and I have taken down my novella, I’m getting somewhere with short stories. Who knows, maybe I’ll progress at some point!

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6 thoughts on “#IWSG: Posting Writing Online!

  1. I have a hard time posting work online, myself. The only places I’ve actually done it is for feedback like on Scribophile. I’m working on several projects, and so I tell myself that they just aren’t ready for others’ eyes yet! 😉 Of course, I have no projects ready for others’ eyes in my mind, and that’s bad! I need to stop worrying about “perfection” and get things “good enough” to share. 🙂

    So I understand is what I’m saying. I feel that awkwardness every time I post something–and that’s with knowing it’s imperfect and needing help. So I also applaud your bravery to keep posting and sharing with others!


    1. Haha, yes, I just strive for “good enough”, which is sometimes “very very good” in other people’s eyes I think! XD
      Thank you! I have a little flurry every time I put something on the interweb for all to see!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. Happy IWSG day! One of the hardest things for me to do even after becoming a best selling author is to put my words out there for everyone to see and have an opinion about, it is awful but we must do it. Keep moving forward!


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