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23 Day Writing Challenge!

23 day writing challengeToday, I invented a 23 day writing challenge, and I’m going to strive to complete it! (Why 23 days, you ask? Well, that means I’ll finish on the 18th December, when I leave college for the holidays, so I might be able to pump out a Christmas short before the big day, and also I probably won’t get much done in the holidays because I’ll be super busy!)

I’ve spent a while going through and making the prompts (and accidentally made a series of poetry prompts for January, too) and I’m looking forward to having a bash at them all. I’ll try and keep all of the poems under 1000 words, so that means about 15 minutes of writing per poem. Should be fun!

I’m going to post them all on my Wattpad, but I might put a few favourites on here too.

I have another short story I want to finish and put on Wattpad as well, so I might have a go at finishing that tonight. Gosh, so much writing to do!

I guess I should get on with it.

PS, if you want to have a go, too, here’s the challenge!


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