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I think I’m going to start sharing my writing on here…

sharing writing
I mean, if you don’t want me to share my writing, sorry… And also, that guy is most definitely me. Absolutely. No question about it…

…and I’d really appreciate it if you guys stuck around and had a look! My first short story/extract on here – a story that won a competition a year or so ago – is only a few hundred words, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! Any advice would be appreciated (especially if I have a typo… but also for things like “hey, this character’s a little flat, maybe you could…”), but I’m a delicate little human so please, no nasty comments! (Obviously, that just goes for the internet in general as well…)

A week or so ago I wrote about my writing insecurities for IWSG. I also haven’t been doing so good with NaNoWriMo so I’ve been working on some short stories instead. And, to try and combat some of my insecurities, I thought posting some stuff on my blog would be a good way to start! If you head on over to Sprinkled With Words, there are a few examples of my writing but they’re from years ago, so…

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue on with NaNoWriMo this year, I might save it and write it over the next year when I can flesh it out more. It’s historical fiction, and basically that means I don’t want to get my facts drastically wrong because that means my plot could potentially change all of the way from chapter 3… which would not be fun. I don’t want to write it twice (rewriting chapters don’t count). So, yeah. But I’m sure I’ll post about that soon, anyway. Also, before the end of the year, I have both a short story/novelette and a novel I want to get to the “whoo, I wrote a first draft” stage, and I also have a short story I want to edit and rewrite so they’re also taking up my mind instead of a novel, and I want to share some of my work with you… mainly because I’m not doing much else. But yay, exciting!

Hope you’re all well and enjoy the future writings of all kinds on my blog! Thanks for sticking around, folks. 🙂


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